What we do and how we help

Is There A Way To Cope With The Burdens Of Life?

His Word reminds us, “…our life is short and full of troubles…” However, it also states, “…cast your cares upon the Lord, for He cares for you…

Often, God uses people to help us during trying circumstances of our lives.



We minister to a variety of individuals ranging from those getting married to the downtrodden, forgotten and discouraged individuals by way of Chaplainry Services & Counseling using educational methods combined with the word of God.

There are citizens who do not qualify for social service counseling or cannot afford to pay for clinical counseling, yet they are in need of help. In this sense, they are “falling thru the cracks of society.”

There are members of society who do not have any church affiliation or pastor whom they may contact for spiritual, educational, emotional counsel and guidance. We provide help in these areas.

My Chaplain, Inc. assists dysfunctional families and youth, veterans and law enforcement personnel (active & retired).

  • Pre & Post Marriage Counseling.
  • Perform Wedding Ceremonies.
  • Provide comfort, encouragement and guidance to the distressed via Chaplainry Services.
  • Conduct Funerals.
  • Visitation , Prayers & Scripture Reading for patients in the hospital, in senior-care homes and for shut-ins at their residence.
  • Communion for the ill can be arranged.

We are here to help.

One big need in the business world is providing Chaplainry Services to professionals and blue collar workers while on their jobs. Personnel must have the approval of their employers.

The Chaplainry counseling provided includes pastoral skills, including but not limited to providing pastoral presence, pastoral listening and dialogue, spiritual screening and an assessment to not only identify hopes and needs, but also to ascertain one’s emotional, spiritual, moral and ethical desire for help.

We use prayers, scriptures, educational, inspirational materials and traditions of the Christian faith. All practices directed to the identified needs and hopes, while being sensitive to the unique spirituality of each person. These methods and follow-up exercises assist in building client’s morale and attitude while encouraging overall healthy thinking.

As needed, there is effective collaboration and co-operation with ordained clergy of the client’s choosing, as well as physicians of the medical community.

As stated in the sacred writing of Proverbs 23:7,

…for as a man thinks in his heart, so he is…
We believe using this scripture as a guide is an excellent method for future progression and the beginning of healing.