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William E. Brack, D. Min. - Founder & President
William E. Brack, D. Min. - Founder & President Texas: 830-377-8911 or
An experienced Chaplain. An Ordained Minister serving churches in Texas, California and Nevada. A veteran. Served “Active Duty” in the USAF, Strategic Air Command. Served as Chaplain for:

  • A reserve component unit of the Armed Forces.
  • Law enforcement, fire department & EMS personnel.
  • Routine and emergencies via assisting the general public, law enforcement and personnel in the Armed Forces during attempted suicide & suicides, counseling survivors. Have performed weddings and military funerals. Have assisted in domestic and family violence, death notifications, family needs caused by fatal accidents & mishaps, counseling for family & youth problems, ministry & comfort to patients in the ER & Hospital during final days.
  • Homes for children nurturing abused, neglected and molested youth.
Robin E. Brack, M.A.
Robin E. Brack, M.A. California: 661-476-7798 for appointments
  • Served as interim minister, bible class teacher, music and youth director.
  • Veteran, US Army. Active duty during Desert Shield & Storm. As a Crew Chief Sergeant, flying with the Med-vac Choppers, have served as volunteer Chaplain & Counselor during conflict of Desert Storm.
  • Employed by Boeing Aero Space, NASA, Johnson Space Center. Suited up Astronauts & escorted to Space Shuttle at take offs and met same on return trips. Gave Chaplainry encouragement & counsel to members of the crew, by request & on volunteer basis.
  • Special Security & Protective Agent at the Reagan Presidential Library. By request available for Chaplain Counseling & Services.

Alan D. Jones - B.A. & C.C.
Alan D. Jones - B.A. & C.C. Texas: 830-377-8911 or
Alan is an ordained minister, a certified chaplain and counselor who loves people and continues to preach full time and do fill-ins as invited. He is serving as chaplain for the fire dept. in his home area and assists his community in ways of spiritual teaching God’s commands and performing kind benevolent acts. As a veteran of WWII he is well aware of the needs of veterans suffering from P.T.S.D. He too has seen terrible battles of WWII as well as witness firsthand the ‘Death Camps’ thru Europe. He understands what veterans have been through. Also as an experienced preacher and chaplain he ministers to adults and youth seeking his expertise!
*NOTE: ANY of The Three chaplains may be contacted via this website as the phone number, email and the US Postage addresses have been listed.
Judieth A. Brack and
husband Dr. William E. Brack
Robin Brack and
Chaplain Dr. William E. Brack

Alan D. Jones, B.A. & C.C.

Chaplain Dr. William E. Brack and Lt. Dan Cortez

Board of Directors

Founder & President
Dr. William E. Brack, Texas

Vice President
Judieth A. Brack, LSCS, Texas

Mr. Thomas Baird, Kerrville, Texas

Mr. Robert (Rob) McCutcheon, Texas

Mr. Richard A. Johnson, California

Advisement Council Members

Terri L. Rosica, Boston, MA.

Judy Brack, L.A., CA.

Robin Brack, L.A., CA.

Alan D. Jones, Spokane, WA.

Hazel Jones, Spokane, WA.

Noble Patterson, FT. Worth, TX.

P.O. Box 291382 Kerrville, TX 78029
Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) All donations are tax deductible.